Mission Statement:

To help you change by facilitating healing and reminding you of your true self.



Our aches, pains and stiffness are our hearts gentle reminders for a tune-up.

I hope to aid those on their healing journey to improve and/or maintain their quality of life, health and well-being through Manual Therapy and Alternative Healing.

I'm on a similar path as those of you who want to improve your health as well as finding your true purpose in life. The more I understand myself and what it is I truly dream of, the closer “I AM” to remembering my “True Self!” So I'm here to share what I've learnt through various experiences, in hopes to help move you forward on your path as well. Feel free to share you own experiences as we all learn from each other.

What are you waiting for? A hug, tune-up and many changes are waiting for you at our next session!