Our time is precious, please arrive on time for scheduled appointments and sessions. New clients please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled session. If you happen to arrive early, please have a seat and meditate.

Our energy is sacred, please only schedule sessions when you feel ready to move forward and heal. I am here to help facilitate healing and to serve and support you with our work.

Please be mindful. If your intention for our session(s) are to test and prove whether these healing modalities work, please avoid wasting our energy. This depletes our energy, as well as the opportunity for scheduling a healing session, plus it would take up valuable appointment slots for those who are ready to progress with their work.

Special note: There is a 24 hours (excluding weekends) cancellation policy in place at our clinic. Cancellations are only accepted by calling the clinic. Therefore, missed appointments and/or appointments canceled less than 24 hours excluding weekends will be charged the full appointment fee. Exceptions for those who are in medical/family emergencies and/or giving birth to a child.