Registered Massage Therapy:

Swedish  Massage – Soothing, slow and repetitive movements in general, and sometimes percussive in nature as well.

Thai Massage -  Thai Massage treatments are administered on a floor mat and the massage techniques and stretches are performed with the client fully clothed.

Pediatric Massage - Massage Therapy for newborns, infants, children, and teenagers.

“Indie” Head Massage – Hot oil massage for relieving tension, headaches and stress from the head, neck and shoulder areas.
**We advise allowing time for a shower at home before going to other activities as your hair and scalp will be extremely oily.

Trigger Point Therapy – Increase pressure and duration in an area of tension with specific instructions to guide you through this modality provided by your therapist.

Hydrotherapy – Water therapy, via hot or cold packs with water as a medium.

Hot Stone Massage – Generally hot stones are used for massage, however cool stones maybe used for specific conditions. There are many types of hot stone massage practiced worldwide. I have been taught with a more spiritual take on this modality.

Therastone Massage (Geo-Thermal-Hydrotherapy) – Hot and cool stone massage modified by Ricardo Saikali RMT, which targets releasing our Myofascial layers. Both the general relaxing therastone massage and the athletic/sports therastone massage.

Osteopathic modalities – within RMT scope of practice

Myofascial Release – To “unwrinkle the cling wrap” throughout various layers of connective tissue within you.

Lymphatic Drainage – Helps to speed the rate at which lymphatic fluids move and drain with manual techniques.

Craniosacral Therapy – I have been taught a modified approach to this Osteopathic modality by Robert F. Harris RMT. To balance and enhance efficiency of the messages moving through our spinal cord up to our brain and back. By monitoring and harmonizing the fluids from our brain down to our spinal cord, as well as manipulating our connective tissue to give these fluids the best pathway available for information to travel.

Visceral Manipulations – Observing and enhancing the functions by balancing the various rhythms and movement patterns for each of our organs and surrounding connective tissue. Level 1 allows working with the following: Liver, Stomach, Gall-bladder, Small Intestines, Large Intestines, Kidneys, Bladder, Ovaries, Lungs, Spleen, Pancreas, Heart and the Sphincters of our Digestive System.

Neural Manipulations - Observing the changes in nerve tension and restrictions, tissue tension is then released promoting elasticity and movement of the nerve bundles. Decreasing pain, increasing function and eliminating pain and tension throughout the body.

Hands on Energy healing – within RMT scope of practice

Western Reiki (Level 1 techniques Only) – “Reiki” (ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy,” the energy foun din all things. The Usui System of Reiki Healing, or Usui Shiki Ryoho, applies this energy through gentle tough for the purpose of healing.
This Reiki system was brought over from Japan to North America by Hawayo Takata.

Alternative Healing Modalities

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Jikiden Reiki:

“For those people who are new to Reiki, I will explain a little more. Reiki is an energy healing practice which originated in Japan. Practitioners use the life-force energy or “ki” all around us and are able to pass it on to re-awaken the natural healing process in others by focusing the energy on the areas that it is most needed.”
The Jikiden Reiki system has been passed down unaltered and is now being taught by Tadao Yamaguchi from Japan.

Energy Healing and more…