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Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy



Silicone Cupping

Brain Therapy level 1-3

Liddle Kidz (non profit) Certified Pediatric Massage Therapy

Certified Infant Massage Instructor

Advanced training with Autism Spectrum Disorder with Tina Allen LMT, CPMMT, CPMT, CIMT

Thai Massage & Indie Head Massage with Alois Nikodym RMT

Jikiden Style Reiki Level 1 & 2 (Eastern Reiki English Link) Trained with Tadao Yamaguchi Sensei, Hideto Nakagome Jikiden Reiki Master, Tsukiko Kimura Jikiden Reiki Master and Lynn Armor Jikiden Reiki Master

Reiki level 1 & 2 (Western Reiki)Trained with Karen S. Hill Reiki Master

Craniosacral Therapy &  Visceral ManipulationsTrained with Robert F. Harris RMT

Visceral Manipulation Levels 1 to 4

Neural Manipulation Levels 1 to 4

Visceral Manipulations of Advanced Thorax

Neural Visceral Manipulation of Thorax and Abdomen

Manual Articular for Spine and Pelvis

Hot Stone MassageTrained with Evangeline Gopaul RMT

Therastone MassageTrained with Ricardo Saikali RMT


Other manual therapy trainings with Local therapists


Please be advised: Stand alone Reiki and other energy healing treatments are NOT covered by extended health insurance companies.

Energy / Vibrational Healing Link 1Basic Level Trained with Dr. Effie Chow


Motivational/inspirational training from various international instructors: