Who would benefit from a House Blessing?

Are you selling your property but it has been on the market way too long? Does your property feel incomplete? Do you, your family and pets feel comfortable in all the rooms within your property? Are you feeling happy, cheerful, energetic within your home? Do you or your family have restless sleep? Is your home/buildling rich in history? Have there been many previous owners/tenants? Are you starting something in your life i.e. new child, career, contract etc...?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you would benefit.


What does House Blessings involve?

We are a highly trained professional team specializing in harmonizing energies with homes and properties.  The amount of time we require will depend on the size of your home. Each and every room on the property will be assessed and blessed to harmonize the energies of the property as a whole. We will provide a report upon completion of the service.  Inquiries for commercial properties are welcome.

What does Crystal Blessing involve?

Crystals hold specific vibrations which provide many different qualities from healing, peace, abundance, clarity, protection and more. Depending upon your needs we will customize the placements of crystals to hold, amplify and enhance the harmony of your workplace and/or home. It is extremely powerful when performed after a House Blessing. This service is charged per hour which is determined by the size and the amount of room within of your property.

Please send all inquiries for quotes and requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

**For all clients who request Crystal Blessings and/or House Blessings, we offer a 20% discounts for Sacred Geometry Level 1 class. Which will give you basic tools to maintain the energies within the property.

Please note the above services are not covered within Registered Massage Therapy's scope of practice.