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Press Facts

Eliminates the Ability of our Elected Officials to Protect Us
Section 30(7) of Bill C-51

  1. Bypassing our elected official’s ability to vote out laws that are not the will of, or in the interest of the Canadian people.
  2. Allows government agents, (not elected officials) to create binding laws behind closed doors.
  3. New powers will allow enforcement of these laws by the searching and seizing of private property and bank accounts without warrants.

Fast Tracks New Drugs to Market; Reduced Safety Measures

  1. By shortening the approval process for new drugs.
  2. By placing the responsibility of safety on drug companies with a proven track record of downplaying the health risks and side effects.

Increased numbers of adverse drug reactions will lead to an increase in malpractice and personal law suits against doctors who prescribe new drugs which have not been tested properly for health and safety risks.

University of Arizona, concluded that overall, the cost of U.S. drug related morbidity and mortality exceed $177.4 billion in the year 2000 with over 200,000 deaths created annually.

Ernst F.R., Grizzle A.J., Drug Related Morbidity and Mortality: Updating the Cost-of-Illness Model, J Am Pharm Assoc. 2001;41:192-9

Makes Upwards of 70% of Natural Health Products illegal

  1. At the current rate of licensing failure, more than 70% of natural health products will be illegal.
  2. Broad definitions will allow government agents to invoke enforcement on people who do as little as share a “therapeutic product” with a friend. Garlic and many other foods are therapeutic products.

Not “one” person has ever died in Canada because of a Natural Health Product.

Bill C-51 is not about Canadian Safety

Bill C-51 is about Big Pharma

Bill C-51 will allow binding laws to be created in secret

In Canada the law making process takes place in a public forum with our elected officials voting for or against them. They are held accountable to the public for their decisions. If Bill C-51 passes, it will allow laws to be created behind closed doors, by government agents who may not have our best interests in mind.