As usual I have been busy on my quest for knowledge to enrich my understanding of the body. 

My most recent course was Silicone Cupping from The Cupping Revolution. Quite an intense and extensive course. I say this as I have taken other cupping courses in the past. I am pleased they cover silicone cupping for abdominal scars!

On the other hand, I have been studying with the Chikly Institute for the last few years in order to gain insight on trauma. Specifically the impact from brain injuries, brain surgeries and how trauma manifests and reacts. This June I attended level 3 held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is quite exciting and inspiring to be present for the course.

On the energetic front, I am still continuing my apprenticeship with teachers in Asia.

Amazing people teaching, inspiring and creating  better therapists. I am glad to be studying under these passionate people. 

Welcome to the new home of Lotus Chan RMT dot com.Over the next few weeks and months the site will grow and new content will added.

Please bare with me as the site is under on going construction.

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An intense week has passed and the people, energy and atmosphere was amazing to state the least. More healing modalities have been experienced and handed down through both the Jikiden Reiki Association and the Rocky Mountain Mystery School (RMMS).


After a week of trying to understand how to create a more efficient website, I'm still running around in circles.

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Did you know that stress, frustration, anger and worry can weaken our immune system? With the previous TTC strike that is exactly how many of us were feeling, so what can we do to boost our immune system? If you guessed massage, you're correct!!


How does E equals MC squared have anything to do with energy medicine/healing? Check out this link Energy Medicine/Healing

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift?

Massage is the perfect way to add some pampering for your hard working Mom.

You are lucky, appointments still available for Mother's Day weekend, to book please call (416) 487-9056.

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