Happy new year everyone!

2016 will be more tame as there will only be a few courses! As usual, bookings can be made via the clinic 416-487-9056. 

For all moms and moms-to-be who prefer to stay home, bookings an be made via www.coreexpectations.com for both you and your family!


2015 was quite and exciting year!  Here is a recap of the fascinating things I learnt:

Neuro meningeal manipulation series: 

NM 3: Nerves of the legs and feet

NM4: Cranial Nerves

NVMTA: Neuro-visceral manipulation of the thorax and abdomen


Visceral Manipulation series:

VM 3: Pelvis and Urogential system

VM 4: Throax

VMAT: Advanced thorax


Ongoing studies:

- Practical applications of numerology: business prospects, license plates, interpersonal relationships, parenting, behavioural patterns

- Reconnecting Meridians lines: Applications post abdominal surgeries, anxiety, depression, concussions

- Harmonizing the energetic space

- Self care to balance and harmony