As usual I have been busy on my quest for knowledge to enrich my understanding of the body. 

My most recent course was Silicone Cupping from The Cupping Revolution. Quite an intense and extensive course. I say this as I have taken other cupping courses in the past. I am pleased they cover silicone cupping for abdominal scars!

On the other hand, I have been studying with the Chikly Institute for the last few years in order to gain insight on trauma. Specifically the impact from brain injuries, brain surgeries and how trauma manifests and reacts. This June I attended level 3 held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is quite exciting and inspiring to be present for the course.

On the energetic front, I am still continuing my apprenticeship with teachers in Asia.

Amazing people teaching, inspiring and creating  better therapists. I am glad to be studying under these passionate people. 

I am away for Brain therapy 2 with the Chikly Institute and will be back in July. 

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Enjoy the nice weather!

Happy new year everyone!

2016 will be more tame as there will only be a few courses! As usual, bookings can be made via the clinic 416-487-9056. 

For all moms and moms-to-be who prefer to stay home, bookings an be made via for both you and your family!


2015 was quite and exciting year!  Here is a recap of the fascinating things I learnt:

Neuro meningeal manipulation series: 

NM 3: Nerves of the legs and feet

NM4: Cranial Nerves

NVMTA: Neuro-visceral manipulation of the thorax and abdomen


Visceral Manipulation series:

VM 3: Pelvis and Urogential system

VM 4: Throax

VMAT: Advanced thorax


Ongoing studies:

- Practical applications of numerology: business prospects, license plates, interpersonal relationships, parenting, behavioural patterns

- Reconnecting Meridians lines: Applications post abdominal surgeries, anxiety, depression, concussions

- Harmonizing the energetic space

- Self care to balance and harmony



I will be in the office between April 1 to 10, 2016, May 10 to June 12.

All the dates in between I will be away for courses. 

(Barral Institute) MASP - Manual Articular Approach to Spine and Pelvis 

Ongoing Energy healing techniques

(Chikly Institute) Brain Therapy 1 - Brain Tissue, Nuclei, Fluid & Autonomic Nervous System


May you be in excellent health!

I am excited to be back from Visceral Manipulation of Advanced Thorax & Neural Visceral Manipulation Thorax and Abdomen (VMAT & NVMTA) training from May in Florida!

Previously in March and April I was away for training with Visceral Manipulation of the Reproductive and Urogential system & Visceral Manipulation of the Thorax (VM 3 & VM 4) all with the Barral Institute!

Many exciting tools already helping a lot of people enhance their quality of life and decrease discomfort! 

Especially useful for new moms, post surgical care, coughs/bronchitis etc...

More to come!