An intense week has passed and the people, energy and atmosphere was amazing to state the least. More healing modalities have been experienced and handed down through both the Jikiden Reiki Association and the Rocky Mountain Mystery School (RMMS).


Jikiden Reiki (Eastern Reiki) is so simple and pure it blew my mind away. An interesting experience I had during the class, my thumb was was bleeding and during a healing circle it stopped bleeding. However, I must give credit to my teacher Karen Hill Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki AKA Western Reiki) because without her, I would be far from this path today. Both systems work, however I am making a personal choice to pursue Jikiden Reiki for full treatments from now on. 

The following have been generously handed down by RMMS.

16 Petaled Lotus Balancing - Expanding and balancing energy that take the form of petals within the 4 Elements, which in turn brings harmony to our soul, spirit, mind and physical body.

Negative Crystal Removal - Increasing the flow of Life Force Energy (Vitality) by "removing blown fuses" within our 1st Auric layer.

Magnetic and Elemental lines Balancing - Smoothing, expanding and balancing the divisions of the 4 Elements and Magnetic lines on both sides of our body.

Chakra Balancing - Enhances flow and movement of the energies within each Chakra.

Auric Healing - To scan and patch "energetic holes" induced by various causes in different stages of life. This modality will have you "keep and save" more energy for yourself instead of leaking out of your auric field.

Etheric Surgery Basic - Helps lift any ingrained ideas, habits, values, patterns and so on, deep within you which is ready to be "let go" of at this moment in time. This will empower you to continue to uncover who you really are, especially when you are ready to redefine your values and reclaim your beliefs in life.

22-Strand DNA Activation and Basic Reading - Will bring more light into your physical body, empowering you to seek your dreams. The information for each of your readings will help you grow, especially since these truths reside within you and I am only here to remind you of their importance to you.

  • It is highly recommended that Antimony is taken following the 22-Strand DNA Activation.
  • Antimony - A homeopathic formula that is cleansing for the DNA, helps release toxins in the cellular level, and brings energy into the DNA that is not available from any other source. Comes as a pair with both Morning and Evening formulas.

More information to follow, thank you for your patience.